Performance Measurement
Protos IT has developed a framework for measuring the performance of various organizational practices to evaluate their effectiveness and demonstrate strategic business impact. Measurement provides you with the information necessary to make intelligent decisions about what you do. For example, you might want to understand the performance of your project management processes, your project office, your training initiatives, or even your overall strategies. Protos IT will work with you to develop a measurement program customized for your organization to accurately demonstrate performance results to key stakeholders.

Measurement Readiness Planning
Protos IT begins by working with your measurement initiative team to clearly identify your objectives and goals. This includes a review of your organizational mission and strategies, organizational structure, key business processes, current measurement systems, data availability, and stakeholder values.

Why Measure Performance
Identify areas for performance improvement
Benchmark against industry/competitors
Set targets
Identify trends for forecasting and planning
Evaluate the effectiveness of changes
Determine the impact of initiatives
Justify investments

Measurement Initiative Planning
We help your team align around the measurement program’s objectives, scope, development approach, timeline, resource needs, deliverables, and implementation strategy.

Measures and Scorecard Development
Protos IT works with your team to prioritize and select the critical few measures based on agreed-upon criteria that will form the basis of your measurement scorecard. These measures flow from your organizational goals and objectives and are developed collaboratively with the measurement team and stakeholders. In creating your scorecard of vital measures, details such as the what, why, when, who, and how are also addressed. Once developed, the scorecard is reviewed, refined, and validated by the team in preparation for implementation.

Program Implementation Planning

Implementation planning efforts define the framework around performance measurement processes and data collection that will be used to support ongoing measures program implementation. We help guide you through the identification of the data collection team, data sources, and data collection processes, including information systems needed to support the processes.

Program Implementation
Program implementation is an ongoing effort to execute the measurement program as documented in the implementation plan. This begins with the preparation for the initial collection-analysis-reporting cycle and continues through transition of ongoing program execution responsibilities.

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