A Competency-Driven Brand
We are living in a constantly evolving world. A world where customers are looking for new solutions and new ways, to help them stay at the leading edge. For Protos IT, this demanding and rapidly transforming world presents a challenge. In fact, a clarion call to acquire new competencies, to sharpen existing ones and to be constantly aware of the global customers' basket of needs.

Every day the quest to acquire new competencies continues. Forever searching, experimenting, innovating and learning. Moving ahead, shaping the future, making competencies create opportunities.

Competency Create Opportunities
Competency building is the ideal engine for growth, aiding customer satisfaction and creating more opportunities. Protos IT has a wide range of comptencies, from software development to systems integration to consulting. All these can be integrated in a manner that gives most advantage to the customer.

Competency building at Protos IT has resulted in the conscious creation of a comprehensive Knowledge Repository. This contains a bank of technical and business data to aid learning, reference, and skill upgradation; to this are added newer competencies, all of which reinforce our ability to deliver high-quality, high-value solutions.

The Competency Focus helps create a strong foundation for building and strenghtening the Protos IT brand, an entity built on the premise that a customer can approach at One Vendor to meet all the requirements, right across the IT chain.

We at Protos IT believe that competency building coupled with brand building is the path to a world of expanding opportunities.

Brand Building
At Protos IT we have adopted several initiatives towards sound brand building. These include:

  • Integrating competencies
  • Positioning ourselves as the RightSourcing choice for various competencies
  • Focusing on competency-driven growth
  • Strengthening the internal organization -- in terms of people and processes

With these initiatives, we are perfectly prepared to achieve our goal of value creation for our customers. We are always looking for people with in-depth expertise in PPM Solutions and systems integration solutions. Please send us a copy of your resume at

Organizational Improvement
Project Execution